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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 26, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm JST

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history of buddhism in japan. and even today, people continue to direct their prayers towards them. welcome back to "newsline." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. first the headlines at this hour. u.s. commanders will host their chinese counterparts at the pentagon to discuss rules of behavior up in the air. russia's foreign minister says a visit to japan by president vladimir putin will go ahead despite differences over what is happening in ukraine. and south koreans are heading into solitary confinement to find a new sense of freedom. u.s. military commanders are concerned about a series of near misses involving chinese fighter
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jets. they say the pilots are flying too close to u.s. planes over the south china sea. they will sit down with chinese military officials to try to establish some rules of behavior. the talks will take place on tuesday and wednesday at the pentagon. senior officials from the u.s. navy's operational headquarters are expected to attend. u.s. commanders say last week, a chinese fighter came within ten meters of a navy patrol plane. they launched a protest with officials in beijing. a chinese defense ministry spokesperson rejected the claim. he said the chinese pilot maintained a safe distance. but u.s. officials say this isn't the first near miss. they say chinese pilots have come dangerously close to u.s. planes on at least three other occasions. japanese leaders are concerned about what's happening up above. >> translator: flying a fighter jet too close to other aircraft
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is an obstructive act and could lead to an accident. >> the pentagon press secretary says earlier this month, the chinese jet made several close passes by the u.s. navy plane in international air space. in may and june, chinese jets also flew unusually close to self-defense force planes. suga said he hopes the chinese will not repeat such dangerous acts. 100 students from japan are preparing to head to china on a trip designed to build cultural ties. the chinese government invited the students and will cover their costs. the china-japan friendship association is organizing the week-long trip. the chinese government established the association more than 50 years ago. the students are scheduled to leave next monday. they will visit beijing and other cities and meet chinese university students. authorities in china and japan cancelled many exchange programs after japan nationalized some of
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the senkaku islands in the east china sea in 2012. japan controls the islands. china and taiwan claim them. vietnamese leaders are looking to mend fences with their counterparts in china. they're sending a senior official to try to rebuild ties strained by a territorial dispute in the south china sea. politburo member, le hong anh, responded to an invitation from communist party leaders. he will meet with chinese officials on tuesday and wednesday to discuss how to avoid any incidents that might destabilize relations. in may a chinese state run company set up an oil rig in waters claimed by both countries. that set up a confrontation at sea and triggered anti-china protests and riots in vietnam. at least five chinese workers were killed. a vietnamese spokesperson said representatives of the government would visit the families of the victims.
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the leaders of japan and russia have found themselves increasingly at odds over the situation in ukraine. but russia's foreign minister says it won't affect plans for president vladimir putin to visit japan this autumn. >> translator: our president has been invited. he accepted. the japanese side confirmed the dates. we're not associating our relations with japan with the conflict in ukraine. >> putin discussed the visit with japan's prime minister, shinzo abe in february in the russian resort of sochi. in july, japan's leaders announced sanctions on russian individuals and businesses. they restricted imports from crimea and froze assets of people involved in annexing the region. russian leaders responded last week by blocking some japanese nationals from entering the country. russian authorities have been holding a japanese whaling research ship for more than a week. but they say what the ship's
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crew did is not serious and they say they are preparing to release the vessel. border guards have been inspecting the "shonan maru number 2" at a port in the russian far east. the crew members were studying whales in the sea of okhotsk. authorities say the crew failed to notify them of a change in their planned route. they say the vessel intruded into russian waters, breaking the law. authorities did not detain any of the 20 people on board. they say they have completed their inspections and are preparing to let the ship go. the ukrainian president says a majority of citizens want a new parliament. so petro poroshenko has dissolved the legislature and called for elections in october. poroshenko has been trying to manage as the government forces try to put down a pro-russian insurgency in the east. but last month his ruling coalition collapsed. lawmakers failed to form a new one within 30 days. and in that case, the
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constitution demands that new elections be held. poroshenko says many backed former president, viktor yanukovich, and said elections are the best way of cleansing the parliament. poroshenko has been pushed to agree to a cease-fire to end months of fighting. he will discuss a truce later on tuesday in talks in minsk, belarus, with russian president, vladimir putin. it will be the first meeting since a malaysian airlines plane was brought down last month in eastern ukraine. delegates from the european union will also be at the table. thousands have people have said good-bye to a black teenager in the u.s. state of missouri with calls for justice. michael brown was shot dead by a white police officer earlier this month in the city of ferguson. the mourners crowded into a
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church. family members, political leaders, human rights activists. they prayed and sang songs to celebrate brown's life. he was 18 years old. >> we have had enough of the senseless killing. we have had enough of it. and what you guys can do to continue this is show up at the voting polls. let your voices be heard. >> brown was unarmed when he was shot. his death has sparked protest after protest. demonstrators have been calling for the police officer to be punished and for an end to racial discrimination. the officer's supporters held their own rally. darren wilson has been put on paid leave. a grand jury has begun hearing evidence to determine whether to bring criminal charges against him and the u.s. justice department has opened its own investigation. images of heavily armed police confronting demonstrators in missouri has caught the attention of u.s. leaders. president barack obama has ordered a review of a federal
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program that helps police acquire military-grade equipment. officers in ferguson have deployed armored vehicles and other military hardware when responding to protests. a program run by the u.s. government has made it possible for police to obtain the equipment to help fight terrorism. >> the question, though, is, is the program operating as was intended? are there situations in which local law enforcement organizations are getting equipment they don't actually need? >> earnest said officials will look at whether officers received the training needed to use the equipment correctly. some lawmakers have called for restrictions on the procurement of military hardware by police. japanese government officials are coming up with ways to tackle one of the problems of their aging society. they want to train 20,000 new
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construction workers to address a serious labor shortage. members of a labor ministry task force met to discuss solutions to the problem. in 1997, about 6.8 million people worked in construction when the number was at its peak but it has since fallen by nearly 30%. experts say this has made it hard to pass on expertise to younger generations. ministry officials are planning to provide training for workers in skills such as reinforcing steel and concrete molds. they also want to address the labor shortage in nursing care for the elderly and child daycare. analysts say about 1.4 million people qualified to be child care workers or nurses are not working because the pay is too low. ministry officials want to extend subsidy programs for larger daycare centers and nursing facilities that raise wages for their employees. people across japan will soon be able to use their credit cards to pay for goods delivered by postal workers.
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they will have access to the new service for online orders starting as early as october. officials at japan post have teamed up with the people at sumitomo mitsui trust bank. they are getting experts at the bank to help them with credit card settlements. the officials also plan to give customers the option of paying at convenience stores. they are trying to cope with falling demand for traditional mail delivery caused by the popularity of the internet. they hope the service will bring in new and lucrative sources of revenue. hackers have infiltrated sony's online entertainment service and shut it down for almost a day. company officials say the attack crashed their playstation network for games, music, and movies. officials at sony computer entertainment say the hackers caused a system failure across the global network. they say the distribution service was unavailable for about 20 hours while they dealt with the problem. but they say they found no
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evidence the hackers accessed the personal information of network users. 52 million people have accounts. the same hackers reportedly claimed online that there were explosives on a plane carrying the head of a sony subsidiary in the u.s. officials at the airline diverted the plane for an emergency landing. investigators with the fbi are looking into the matter. automakers are setting their gps for what they consider their last major market. they've been introducing a string of new cars in africa. populations are growing, as is the buying power of consumers, especially in south africa. more from nhk world's steven brimelow. >> reporter: in july, japan's nissan motors unveiled a new model suv in south africa. >> my name is joe and i'm here to introduce -- >> we want to target this new audience.
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>> reporter: most automakers here are targets young people. a survey shows that 80% of south africans in their 20s hope to buy a car within five years. >> yes, i'm looking forward to buy a car. >> i'll have something to rely on and i can go anywhere i want to go, any time. >> reporter: new car sales are rising steadily here. last year, 650,000 units were sold in south africa. both japanese and german models are popular. but new players are entering the scene. chinese automaker geely has been offering its products in south africa for five years now. with sweden's volvo under its umbrella, geely is also pitching luxury vehicles. it sells economy models as well. this one is designed to look like a panda.
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its sticker price is kept low to attract young women. >> it appeals to young ladies in the marketplace here in south africa. yeah. so we -- this is our actually most affordable vehicle in south africa at the moment. >> reporter: another chinese maker has decided to build cars locally. in early july they opened a production plant in the eastern cape. south african president jacob zuma was among those attending the plant's opening ceremony. >> this instrument will assist us to position south africa as a destination of choice for the assembly of medium and heavy commercial vehicles. >> reporter: japanese automakers are among those with the biggest market share in south africa, but with competition intensifying sharply, they have
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to find new ways to get ahead. steven brimelow, nhk world, south africa. a veteran journalist has been called the most dangerous woman in china. hu shuli is the editor in chief of four news magazines and she won an award for her reporting into corruption. daisuke azuma has her story. >> reporter: hu shuli has been one of china's leading journalists for more than 30 years. in 2009 she and her colleagues set up a publication called caixin media. it publishes news in both chinese and english. earlier this month, hu won the
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ramon magsaysay award. many regard it as asia's version of the nobel prize. the foundation honors hu for her kbhitment to truthful journalist. what do you think about receive the prize? >> translator: i'm very happy and excited to receive the award. i see it as a prize given to the team, not me as an individual. >> reporter: in late july, china communist party disclosed it was investigating a high-ranking member of the politburo standing committee, zhou yongkang. rumors circulated that he had been ousted. but china's media tightly controlled by the communist party had not been clear about his fate. on the other hand, caixin media keeps publishing
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posts alleging those -- practices over many years. his activities is heavily connected to his oversight of the -- development and administration. caixin media also reported on the personal relationships they zhou as the head of shiscan province. >> translator: we had been investigating suspicions about zhou for over a year. by february of this year our story was already drafted. we gathered lots of information. we are proud we were able to publish the story quickly. >> reporter: why were caixin media able to dig so deeply into the alleged corruption of a powerful official? some chinese media say it was because hu has close ties with country's leaders. they also point out her family
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has been involved in the media for generations. but hu says caixin media is under pressure from chinese government just like any other organization. >> translator: we're under a lot of pressure. it would be easy to abandon the effort but we can't. if we face difficulties at home or abroad we pursue various channels and change methods to get to the truth. that's our responsibility. by doing this we help chinese society move forward and increase transparency. >> reporter: on august 19th, chinese president xi jinping said it's necessary to integrate china's state run media like news agencies with emerging media outlets like internet-based services.
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the move suggests that the government is trying to tighten its grip on the media. we will be watching to see if caixin media continues to enjoy as much freedom as they do now. daisuke azuma, nhk world, beijing. populous, prosperous, pushing ahead. china's rise brought it wealth, power, and problems. an income gap divides its people. pollution threatens their health and differences over territory strain relations with its neighbors. find out the challenges china faces on "newsline." south koreans face extreme social pressure to do well in school and succeed in the workplace. to get out from under that strain, some are doing time in a most unusual retreat. nhk world's lim hye-jun reports. >> reporter: after driving two hours east of seoul, travellers arrive at this building. the words say "the prison inside me."
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this facility offers its paying guests an experience that resembles, to some extent, life in jail. it has about 30 solitary confinement cells. guests wear this kind of uniform and spend one week in a cell like this. during that time, all contact with the outside world is cut off. the cell is only about 5 1/2 square meters. it has a sink, a toilet and a small desk. personal belongings like cell phones and tablets are forbidden. the iron doors are locked. meals are served through a small window. guests are only permitted to leave their room when they take a shower or attend group sessions. they each pay about $500 for a seven-night stay.
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these days, people who work in cities use the facility as a retreat. a couple from seoul opened it last year. to escape their hectic life, they were even willing to go to prison. >> translator: we have a lot of rules. but you stay here, you can empty your body and mind while you reflect, rest and recharge. that's what this space is for. >> reporter: bae young-sook is making her first visit. she runs a popular spa in a wealthy neighborhood in seoul. helping her clients relax is hard work. so she needs to get away. >> translator: i'm mentally and physically exhausted from working 12 hours a day from early morning until late at night. i came here because i want to feel refreshed.
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>> reporter: she has to check in her smartphone, an essential item in her life. now, she will be out of touch with her family. after bae enters her room, she makes a series of bows. >> translator: i've been so busy that i haven't been able to think about my life. this is the chance to genuinely heal myself. >> reporter: some people simply sleep. others meditate. and others spend their time alone in their own way. one week later, the solitary confinement ends.
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>> translator: i'm really refreshed. i can't put into words how revitalized i feel. >> translator: this center represents how much we push ourselves into a corner as though we were in jail. i hope it will help our guests truly understand what makes them trap and torture themselves. >> reporter: visitors to the facility report they emerge from the solitary confinement happier, stronger and with a brighter outlook. nhk world, lim hye-jun. time now for a check of the weather. we are seeing gray skies and
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occasional rain here in tokyo. robert speta joins us now with the updates. >> we are seeing the latest low pressure system pushing over japan and seeing the rain showers as we look ahead through tuesday evening into wednesday morning for the capital of japan as the storm system pushes overhead. back to the west, improving conditions in south korea and western japan where we have been seeing the rainfall. these are the reports for the past 24 hours. you saw the flooding in south korea. some areas seeing well over 100 millimeters of rain. and the heaviest stuff will be in this region upwards of 50 -- 65 millimeters reported in just a three-hour span. but where you have recovery efforts in hiroshima the bulk of the precipitation from the next storm system will be remaining off here to the east. you have a lot recovery here. over 100 people are now dead or missing. this is good news to be had.
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later on in the week, though, we have another low developing here in china and that could bring some rainfall out here by the end of the workweek. something we want to keep an eye on. meanwhile down to the south looking at scattered showers in the philippines. do want to talk about the americas here. first a large storm system. that is hurricane marie. it is spinning up and pushing to the northwest. good news, well off to sea. where you need the rainfall is in the western u.s. in california and nevada, a severe drought is expected into the next month. we are seeing heavy rainfall in and towards the east in the four-corners region. a flash flood watch is in effect in the four corners region but that will stay off to the east and fire up into a new storm system and bring severe weather across nebraska and kansas throughout the day on wednesday. before that happens another storm system is pushing along here that has brought tornado
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watches in the midwest and great lakes. high wind advisories in eastern canada. that is going to make it into the northeastern states. there is something this low is doing, though. we have this front off to the north and is it pumping in the warm air from the south. we are seeing the temperatures rise quite significantly the heat indices for the central plains into the ohio river valley up into the mid-40s. definitely feeling like the dog days of summer. take a look at the temperatures. wichita falls up to 38. 37, at least it starts to cool down but this is still above average. then let's move over to cristobal. this storm system is staying out the sea moving off to the north. we've been talking about it for some time now. bermuda you are under the tropical storm watches. you could see high waves and gusty winds out of this. let's look at europe.
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big thing over here compared to the u.s. where it's very warm, over here it's rather cool. we have a low here and another one pushing off to the east. and they are pumping in the coast air from the north. some areas of thunderstorms that could become strong and possibly severe. but the bigger impact out of this is the temperatures. london, only a high of 17. berlin at 17 here on your tuesday. here's your extend outlook.
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that's all for now on this edition of "newsline." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. thank you very much for joining us.
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hello, everyone. whenever people are working, there's bound to be lunch there. i've been wondering about the lunches at a certain place. so let's travel. just look at that steep cliff. about 50 meters high. the island of oagashima lies in the pacific ocean. with only 170 inhabitants, it's known to be japan's least populated community. taking up most of the small


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